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A Vitamin a Day, Keeps Malnutrition Away

Over 33 lakh kids in India are malnourished.
With over 18 lakh severely malnourished kids in India, rural areas face the worst of the situation.


'Nutrition' is a far-fetched concept

What does 'Nutrition' mean to poor families in the remote villages of Uttarakhand?
Struggling with food security, these families are unable to provide basic daily meals to their children. 'Nutrition' is a far-fetched concept here. These malnourished children in schools are lethargic and unable to focus or participate in learning activities. School staff have reported that these children have weak immune systems, succumb to frequent illnesses and are often unable to attend school consistently.

A happy and healthy child is the country's future. Let's help in building a better future for them.


Our two-way approach combats the issue of malnutrition permanently

During our medical camps our physician discovered that children were often deprived of proper dietary nutrition, which negatively impacts growth and nutrition. In response, AITYS initiated a pilot project in two of our sponsored schools by distributing a 6-month supply of multi-vitamin syrups to each child. During and after the pilot project, school staff reported a drastic improvement in children's health, attention and activity levels in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. The children's attendance also improved considerably.


Your support will ensure our work is impactful

Providing multi-vitamins ensures proper nutritional support, prevents malnutrition, assures appropriate physical growth and development, and helps maintain a strong immune system in these children. With positive results from our pilot program, AITYS is determined to scale this initiative.
We are seeking to provide a year-long supply of multivitamins to approximately 2,500 children across 27 schools in the Pauri and Tehri districts of rural Uttarakhand.

Project Updates

In July 2022, we provided 12,250 bottles of multivitamins to 2,422 children in 20 schools.
In November 2022, 5600 bottles of multi-vitamins were given in 25 schools.
In March 2023, 5250 bottles of multi-vitamins were given in 24 schools.

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No child should be deprived of education due to poverty.
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