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Education Sponsorship

Sponsorship of a child’s secondary education in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttrakhand is a key focus of AITYS’s work.


When a child reaches the ninth grade, they are eligible to apply for our sponsorship programme. Applications that meet a predefined eligibility criteria are carefully vetted by the staff at government schools and AITYS volunteers.
Sponsorship cheques are then handed out to students during our field visits, where we meet with parents and children to emphasize the importance of completing a secondary education, and its potential to enable better life opportunities.
These conversations often reveal stories of struggle undertaken by children, who are able to confidently study and complete their schooling with the sponsorship provided.
Many of our sponsored students also show exemplary potential for furthering studies, but feel constrained due to financial hardship.

Every year, AITYS has stepped in to sponsor college and vocational training for some of our promising students.

AITYS currently supports 40% of higher secondary schools between Devprayag and Pauri.

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Help us to keep a child in school

Your contribution of Rs. 9,000 will provide 1 year of

Donate INR 9,000 for a child’s annual secondary education
Sponsor a deserving AITYS student for college/vocational education
Contribute material to encourage creative activities for students
Donate funds for annual secondary education for an entire school(s)
Contribute writing notebooks and stationery
Contribute reference printed   material for students to use as preparation for examinations

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No child should be deprived of education due to poverty.
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