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Menstruating girls in rural India are often shunned to a corner of their homes during their period deprived and restricted from everyday activities.

According to a  survey by P&G (Business Insider, April 26, 2021) less than 20% of girls use or have access to sanitary pads. This figure has dropped further during the pandemic.

The cost of pads is a primary reason for its low usage in India. When families struggle with basic necessities including “getting food on the table”, menstrual pads are hardly a consideration, Instead, girls are forced to use and re-use old socks, rags, etc. which are unhygienic and potentially lethal.


The condition is exacerbated in rural areas, where poverty is rampant and families can barely manage their daily needs. Furthermore, menstruation is a cultural taboo, meaning this issue remains neglected in the mainstream.

Living under a shadow of taboo, these young girls don’t have the facility for proper menstrual hygiene.


Does this alarming situation bother you?

At AITYS, we believe in making ‘Period’ a taboo-free and hygienic experience for girls who can’t afford pads.


Did you know the adoption of pads in India is less than 20%?

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We Pledge to provide a year-long supply of pads to 1300 girls across 20 schools.

Join us in giving the precious gift of hygiene, safety and the widest smiles to the future of our country.

Making “Period” taboo-free and a hygienic experience is our motto

We want them to embrace their bodies and fertility. Inculcating positive values and associations for menstruation early on will have a ripple effect and break the taboo.Girls will be able to walk equally on all days to school, attend classes, make her life happen on her period days and other days as well! More importantly we want girls to never be ashamed of periods.

The Updates

In October 2021, under a pilot project, 1200 packets of sanitary pads were given to two schools
In October 2021, one incinerator was given to a school under a pilot project
In March 2022, 840 packets of sanitary pads were distributed to an additional 8 schools
In July 2022, 7350 packets of sanitary pads were provided to 958 girls in 18 schools
In July 2022, 14 schools were given an incinerator
In November 2022, 10020 sanitary pads were provided to girls in 24 schools
In March 2023, 8360 sanitary pads were given to girls in 23 schools
In May 2023, 8731 sanitary pads were provided to 1017 girls in 27 schools

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